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Kara Chentouf

Posted on June 17 2020

Hi everybody! My name is Kara (@misskarababy in the wonderful world of IG). I am a Registered Nurse, mother, sex and body positive advocate, 200hrRYT, free spirit, and midnight snack lover by day - and by night I’m the same thing, because I am who I am. 

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in reproductive health: fertility, makin’ babies, sex, and sexuality - but also navigating sexual trauma, addressing taboo topics, and reducing stigma surrounding STIs. Masturbation and self-pleasure practices were not topics that were encouraged in my younger years, and in retrospect, I think many of the negative experiences I’ve had could’ve been avoided if I’d had the support and the space to explore my body independently.

The first orgasm I ever had was so underwhelming -  not like how I expected it to be based on what I had seen and read - and it was almost 10 years (AFTER becoming a mother) before I was able to experience another one. My body never felt like it was for me and, although I have had some awesome experiences, most of these encounters felt very unequal. Pleasure wasn’t something I realized I could experience, and it took a long time before I understood that it didn’t need to come from anyone else in order to be valid. 

Everybody and every body deserves to feel good (with or without orgasm!) and I would love to help you discover ways to do that for yourself. I will be providing reviews of various toys and pleasure products available through Aphrodite’s Playground, and hopefully help you to help yourself! If you have any questions or comments, I’m just a DM away.

- Kara

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